real estate marketing in 2019 using the power of social media...

Case study: The Pier in Clemson

Real estate marketing can differ in strategy and approach depending on what type of real estate we are dealing with. The Pier Clemson is a student-only waterfront cottage community located in Clemson, South Carolina. The Pier offers an exciting alternative to living in dorms or more traditional apartments.

 The only problem was every year new competitors were moving into the market and “word of mouth” was no longer enough.

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Results after marketing with us...

  • Over 270 new leasing customers
  • Deployable digital assets
  • Pixel installation for tracking new potential customers
  • SEO - First page ranking on Google
  • Professional video content
  • Over 500 new leads

How did we do it?

Content, content, content! That was the first thing we did for The Pier. Content is the variable in whether or not any of this will succeed. 

As real estate professionals we need to realize that  pictures of some of the rooms and the kitchen is no longer enough. VIDEO is the king and in this case a particular video was used to bring in over 140 new leads but not the one you see here. The one we used was a LIVE 3D Tour of our clients model home.

Next we started building a data pool for our client. This data pool was then used to re-market to everyone who visited a particular website and/or landing page.

Then we ran strategic social media ad campaigns against our target audience. These campaigns sent potential prospects to a custom made funnel that would ask for their contact information. 

Using Landing pages in your real estate marketing

3D tour of a model home

We used a series of landing pages (funnels) to help capture leads for our client. A landing page is not the same as your website. People can get lost and distracted on websites, but what a landing page allows us to do is get the person to take precisive and direct action. 

We set up a funnel that gave potential customers the opportunity to take a LIVE 3D Virtual Tour of the model house but in order for them to get to the tour they had to go threw a series of qualifiers and give us their contact information.

These “qualifiers” allowed us to weed out the people who were “cold leads”and get straight to the potential customers who were willing to sign a lease within that next month. 

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